Fungitell® 2021 Calendar Of Events

Aug. 10-27 HCP 2021 Fall Supply Chain Kansas City, MO
Sep. 12-14 73. DGHM Specialist Group Conference "Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology"
Sep. 24 SFMM/NSMM (Scandinavian Exhbition) Stockholm
Sep. 26-30 2021 AACC Clinical Lab Expo Atlanta, GA
Sept. 27-29 55th Scientific Conference of the German-speaking Mycological Society Germany
Sep. 29-Oct. 30 ID Week 2021 San Diego, CA
Oct. 8-11 TIMMS-10 2021 Aberdeen, Scotland
Oct. 20-22 MedLab AP Bangkok, Thailand
Oct. 28-29 SFMM Lyon, France
Nov. 3-5 FIDSSA 2022 Durban, South Africa
Nov. 6 Mycology 2021 London
Dec. 11-13 ASH Am Soc Hematology 2021 Atlanta, GA
  Pharmacy Together UK
  10th Advances Against Aspergillosis (ACC) Lugano, Switzerland
  PDA Conference Ireland London
  SFMM French Soc Med Mycology Cayenne, Guyana
  Infocus Latin America Igua├žu Falls, Brazil