Fungitell® Assay

Serum Test For (1→3)-β-D-Glucan Analysis

Fungitell® Assay

Serum Test For (1→3)-β-D-Glucan Analysis

The Gold Standard in Rapid Screening For Invasive Fungal Infection (IFI) Fungitell® is the first and the only FDA-cleared and CE marked rapid in vitro diagnostic screening test for IFI (including Candida, Aspergillus and Pneumocystis) that detects (1→3)-β-D-Glucan in serum.

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Fungitell® Assay Product Information

Materials Supplied with the Kit

  • 2 vials Fungitell® Reagent
  • 2 vials Pyrosol® Reconstitution Buffera
  • 2 vials Glucan Standard
  • 2 bottles Reagent Grade Water,a 20 mL
  • 2 vials Alkaline Pretreatment Solutiona

Storage Conditions
Store all reagents at 2-8°C in the dark. Reconstituted Fungitell® reagent should be stored at 2-8°C and used within 2 hours. Alternatively, reconstituted Fungitell® reagent can be frozen at -20°C for 20 days, thawed once and used.

Materials Required but not Supplied
All materials and glassware must be free of interfering glucan. Dry heat depyrogenation is effective in eliminating interfering levels of (1→3)-β-D-Glucan from glass surfaces.

Purchase supplies from a supplier that will certify the materials free of interfering glucan.

  • Repeating Pipette and tips (250 mL; 1000 mL)b
  • Test tubes for sample dilution (13 x 100 mm)b
  • Glass pipettes – not plastic
  • Parafilm®
  • Incubating plate reader capable of reading at 405 nm with appropriate kinetic software for determination of Vmeanb
  • Vortex mixer

Order Information
FT001 Fungitell® Kit - 110 test wells

The Fungitell® assay is a highly sensitive, microplate-based test that detects (1→3)-β-D-Glucan in serum. (1→3)-β-D-Glucan is a cell wall constituent of most medically important fungi including Candida and Aspergillus.* (1→3)-β-D-Glucan is normally found at low levels in the blood of healthy humans. In at risk patients, serum (1→3)-β-D-Glucan values of at least 80 pg/mL, are highly associated with invasive fungal infection. Conversely, low levels of (1→3)-β-D-Glucan have a high negative predictive value for invasive fungal infection.

(1→3)-β-D-Glucan detection is not subject to the usual interferences. It is not suppressed by anti-fungal therapy, nor is the test cross-reactive with other polysaccharides.

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